81/2 HM652XAG High Performance Pdc Diamond Bits Oil And Gas Drill Bit made in china

81/2 HM652XAG High Performance Pdc Diamond Bits Oil And Gas Drill Bit made in china

Product Details

With professional and productive factory, HAINAISEN is one of the leading China tire body pdc drill bit manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale tire body pdc drill bit from us, we always have cheap products to offer you.


1.Advanced cutting structure  
2.High performance PDC cutter 
4.suitable for different formation 
5.delivery on time 
6.Wear resistance
7.Impact resistnace toughness

2.Bit Size: 4 1/2"-- 17 1/2''(114mm--444.5mm)

 Blades: 3--9 Blades

Nozzles: according to your requirement

PDC Cutter: 1913,1613,1313 and so on

Rotary speed:60-300 rpm

Delivery terms:within 3 days after the payment

Package: Wooden Boxes. as custoemrs requirements

OEM: OK, We can make kinds of PDC bits according to customers' requirements


Diamond drill bit:The quality of the drill, drill type and lithology whether adaptation, to accelerate drilling speed and improve single drill footage plays an important role. Drilling a gas well generally use different sizes of more than just drill, drill is in the upper stratum to use larger diameter drill, drill drilling because of the formation is relatively soft, single drill footage and more use of time is short, a bit general can be reused several wells; in the lower part of the formation to be drilled with smaller diameter drill bit, because the formation of hard, single little bit of footage, generally use more than just drill. A downhole drilling footage of the number of new drill with drill bit depends on the size, type, formation of hard and soft and drilling parameters. In general, the smaller the bit size, the harder formations, the less footage; the larger bit size, the softer the ground, drill footage more.



 1:A force balance design of the drill has good orientation, adaptation applied to directional drilling with downhole motor, with a smaller radial vibration;


2:Patent PDC composite sheet rational arrangement of different structures in different locations of the drill bit with a strong attack and anti-abrasive;


3:strong aggressive design of the drill to obtain high ROP;


4  :dynamic flow field simulation technology used in hydraulic design, the bottomhole flow field optimization, help to improve chip speed and anti-balling.