Made In China Professional Core Drill Rigs Pdc Core Bit For Drilling

Made In China Professional Core Drill Rigs Pdc Core Bit For Drilling

Product Details

With professional and productive factory, HAINAISEN is one of the leading China pdc arc coring drill bits manufacturers. 

Welcome to wholesale pdc arc coring drill bits from us, we always have cheap products to offer you.

Quick Details: 

    Place of origin

    xian,china (mainland)

    Brand name

    HNS core bit


    AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, HQ3, NQ3, PQ3


    Drilling Equipment


    Tungsten Carbide


  Collect The Deep Rock Core

   Processing Type:



    coal mine drilling, geologicoal drilli




   soft, medium, hard,

  Pccking detail

   wooden or as required

  Delivery Detail

   According to the quantity; the shortest one day




   T/T,L/C,Western union

  Port of shipment

   port of shanghai or port of tianjing

It is applied in coal exploration from soft to medium hard forms. The PDC coring bits include:

 AQ, BQ, BQ3, NQ, NQ3, NQTT, HQ, HQ3, HQTT, PQ, PQ3, and PQTT.

PDC Drill Bit:

This PDC drill bit is also used in coal exploration from soft to medium forms as a base drilling.

 The PDC coring bits contain HWF, 412, PWF, SWF, NQ3, HQ3, NQTT, HQTT, PQ3, and PQT

T of the face discharged.

Product Advantages:

1. PDC cutters for high speed drilling;

2. All cutters are premium grade for extended bit life and durability;

3. Cutter layout is force balanced to drill a precise round hole and reduce bit whirl;

4. More total footage, faster ROP, reduced cost-per-foot;

5. Advanced geometric design for faster penetration;

6. Gauge pads have tungsten carbide inserts for maximum wear resistance;

Introduction of PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact)

PDC is made of diamond micro-powder and hard alloy substrate under high temperature and high pressure. It possess of high wear resistance

 like diamond, at the same time the impact resistance like hard alloy and that’s made it the best material as a drill bit cutter. Reinforced PDC 

has higher dense diamond powder, claw hard alloy substrate made the two layers solid as whole one. So, the reinforced PDC of supper wear 

resistance, longer service life and high efficiency.

PDC Rib Core Drill Bit(reinforced)


About Company:

We are Shaanxi Hainaisen Petroleum Technology Co., engaged in diamond 

drill bits, diamond core bits ,geological  exploration and mining drill bit of R &D,manufacturing

 and sales.the company is located in XI’AN JINGWEI zone ,spanning between two rivers ,where 

convenient transportation,abundant ,honest,beautiful scenery .in the early stage of the market has

 formed a good block ,have agood block ,have a good reputation in the industry ,the company 

adhere to the long –term development path. Has engaged in a diamond drill bit ,drill geological 

minning research,design ,manfacturing and technical experts, the use of advanced technology for

 oil ,geology ,mine design a variety of different formations specification PDC bits,core bits ,geological

 minning drill .the company also produces wear shose ,shoes and other downhole tools washover.



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