Impregnated Core Pregnant Bursa Core

Impregnated Core Pregnant Bursa Core

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In mine construction and drilling construction, the uncertainty and changeability of rock has caused much trouble to normal drilling construction. PDC drill bits are widely used, the high stability and great pore forming efficiency of which are favored; however, during the construction, the complexity of rock is far beyond our expectation, changeable rock may obstruct normal operation of PDC drill pit, accidents as blade breaking or hole shrinkage may happen, thereby not only influencing the service life of the drill bit, but also affecting pore forming quality.

How to improve the situation, solve the problem, as well as provide PDC drill bits with more stable performance and better quality for widely users becomes a challenge to all drill bits manufacturers. By persisting in its belief of “trying best to serve all customers”, Jinshuo Company has made major breakthrough and developed new technology — Diamond-plated PDC Drill Bit after hard work of nearly one year and countless failures.

Diamond-plated PDC Drill Bit has a layer of diamond grain on the surface of working part via special craftwork, which puts on a diamond protective film for PDC drill bit. Experiment testified that: the diamond film can improve the strength of blade, effectively lower the probability of blade breaking, strengthen stability of PDC drill bit, as well as prolong service life of PDC drill bit; the existence of diamond grain further enhances gauge protection effect, the pore forming quality is higher; meanwhile, the roughness and sharpness of the diamond film boosts self-sharpening action of PDC drill bit, namely cutting edge for drill bit in advance, thereby greatly lowering duration of “drill bit molding” and drilling footage rapidly.

There are three kinds of diamond-plated drill bits as follows: diamond-plated PDC anchor drill bit, diamond-plated PDC non-coring drill bit and diamond-plated PDC coring drill bit. The three kinds of product have all passed inspection of technological supervision and inspection department and obtained national patent certificate.